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rub my squeenix, biotch. rub it GOOD.
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Hi there. Welcome to rub_my_squeenix-- a hodge-podge Square-Enix LJ community RP specifically meant for crackage. Mmm. Crack. Er. Anyway...

Have a favoritite character from a Squaresoft/Enix/Square-Enix game? Like funnies? Like drama? This is your place to be. What you do, choose one or two characters from your favorite games. We do NOT take custom characters, unless it is a direct result of the RP (kids or something). The possibilities are endless. Choose not very known characters, or go mainstream and choose Cloud Strife. Then just play them out. This is not set to any location for now. Play them living out their every day lives, as fucktards, or dealing with them. Not that hard, and potentially fun.

Make friends, make enemies, do it all night long-- WHATEVER.

There is no set storyline for now. Sure, we mods may throw something at you, once in a while. This is your story-- make it yourself. GAWD, I SOUND LIKE AURON--


o1} Easily offended? Ain't the place for you, babe. We're pretty sure, thanks to all of the fucktardness that will occur, there will be a lot of material that is innappropriate (yay!), and will love to burn your nose hairs. Can't deal with constant swearing, sex, murder, whatever? Leave. Simple as that.

o2} Back up your words. Start a bitchfest between your characters, and end up getting pwned? Well...don't get mad. Hold up your own, or make your character a pacifist. No big deal. If that gets you angry, refer to rule numero uno.

o3} Don't make us ban you cast life 3 on you. Don't join, and post a couple of times, then become inactive. It's rude. If you don't want to be a part of the community anymore, put up an OOC post in the community, and let people have your characters. Don't get me wrong. You don't have to post every single day. A little bit of life now and then is great, either way. Otherwise, if you don't play, you'll lose your character. There is an exeption, however: If you need to leave for personal reasons, let us know. The mods will be happy to help you keep your characters.

o4} We never liked soap operas as kids... but we like drama in RP. What's the point of a RP without drama? Wanna cause some, then DO IT. However, if it's something that affects the whole RP, please ask the mods.

o5} For the love of god, DON'T GOD MODE PLZKTHNX. God moding just takes the fun out of a roleplay. Don't do it. Give leeway to the other character/characters. Be realistic, and true to your characters abilities. You're not level 99/255/what the fuck ever, and you deffinately do not have max stats. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE STATS HERE. Remember. Asking is nice. And to those dojers, you cannot doj forever. No doing that either.

o6} Don't be anal about death. Your character won't be dead forever, and they can still participate as...a ghost or something? I mean, come on. TONS of magic users who can revive here, people.

o7} Have fun. That's all. I mean, if you can't follow this rule, why are you here to begin with?

That's it for right now. Mostly because it's all we can think of. Sad, I know...but follow these rules, and you'll have ETERNAL LIFE!!! ...or something...


As long as the character is from a game or show or anything by Squaresoft, Enix, Square-Enix, or any variation thereof, they are more than allowed to join. Just comment on the post here telling us who you would like to join as and if the mods give the okay, then everything should be fine. JOIN US. WE DON'T BITE.


We're reachable at either the AOL/AIM SN's 'Meigu sama' or 'glou nox'. Email is also an option at this or this address.